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Welcome to The Canopy Lab

The world is not getting any simpler. Luckily, our tools to deal with complexity are getting better all the time. From industrial competitiveness to organizational development, from boosting agricultural markets in developing economies to retraining workers left behind by Industry 4.0, today’s challenges require smart solutions built on fast learning, rigorous iteration and insightful evaluations, and a strong understanding of social system dynamics. The Canopy Lab is a growing consultancy focused on the practical application of systems thinking to all kinds of problems.

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Our clients ask us…

  • What’s the best way to create meaningful change?

  • Our members recognize the need for change but can’t agree on what to do; how do we get started?

  • How do I get my suppliers to be more responsive to my needs?

  • How do we build a learning culture in our organization?

  • How can we tell, in the short-term, if our interventions are having the desired effect?

  • How do we measure and evaluate the results of systemic change efforts?


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